Heavy Duty AGV Transfer Car Trolley with Magnetic Tape Strip

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The basic concept of Heavy load agv: A heavy-duty transport vehicle is a means of transport for loading and transporting heavy parts or components;

Heavy load agv has the functions of automatic lifting, automatic guiding, running control, anti-collision, running prompt, all-round steering, adapting to uneven ground, etc. It is easy to operate, high in safety and stable in operation;

Heavy duty loading agv transfer cart for large materials (overweight, extra long) has always been a technical difficulty in the AGV industry. Heavy load AGV transfer car is mainly used in warehousing, manufacturing, ports, airports, hazardous places, special industries, etc., which effectively improves the level of logistics automation in heavy-duty fields, reduces people's labor intensity, improves production efficiency, shortens logistics cycle, and accelerates capital. Turnaround to improve economic efficiency.

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Load capacity

2t 5t 10t 16t 20t 25t 30t 40t 50t 63t 80t 100t 120t 150t 300t

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If yes, the power is from:
rail powered battery cable busbar

Table size

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On rail on cement floor
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