Heavy Duty Automatic Rail Guided Vehicle System with Scissors

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Rail Guided Vehicle Function

The automatic rail guided vehicle is used to transport materials to a designated location. As a carrier of the remote transport unit, Heavy duty automatic rail-guided vehicle has the characteristics of stable operation, high efficiency, reliability, low noise and large production flexibility.
Automatic rail guided vehicle transportable coal, die mold, ladle car, paper roll carriage, and other material

Rail Guided Vehicle Working Principle

The heavy duty automatic rail-guided vehicle uses a brake motor to drive the vehicle body through the sprocket chain to realize the reciprocating linear motion of the whole vehicle on a predetermined track. The conveyor adopts a brake motor to drive the drive shaft through the double-row chain, and then is transmitted by the sprocket to each roller. The roller support is made of domestic high-quality self-aligning ball bearings to ensure the smooth and stable transmission.

Rail Guided Vehicle System Structure

It consists of frame, transmission shaft, conveying unit, sprocket, transportation guide, power supply system, support bearing and motor. The frame is welded with high-quality square steel into a stable frame, and the motor drives the frame to make a linear reciprocating motion. The conveying roller passes the double-row sprocket to transmit power, the transmission is stable and the noise is small; the roller is made of high-quality 45# steel, quenched and tempered, and the surface is plated with hard chrome to ensure the wear of the roller and long service life. The motor adopts SEW (SEW deceleration brake motor and independent Schneider inverter) brand, with excellent performance, small appearance, large driving force and long service life. The stainless steel cover plate is sealed on the top to make the equipment look beautiful, safe and reliable. The rail guided flat car is equipped with eye-catching lights and audible alarms. An infrared anti-collision sensor and a safety bumper are mounted on the front side of the shuttle car. Mechanical limit protection is provided at both ends of the rail, and a guard rail is arranged on the periphery of the rail guided by the power rail.

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