The Solution for steel industry ladle transportation
The customized transportation system has a strict requirement for safety and continuous operation. The anti-high temperature material is applied to the vehicle structure to protect the driving system and electric parts. The cart has two independent driving system, in case of one is damaged, the cart can still run by the other driving system. Ensure the safety and efficiency. Application: Transportation for hot metal ladle, steel ladle, steel slag, aluminum water ladle and other high temperature liquid, waste residue.
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The solution for transport system of steel aluminum roll coil
The size of the flat car is usually customized by the coil length and the coil diameter.
  • 1. In order to guarantee the stable running, several V type or U type frames are installed on the car table.
  • 2. The quantity of V type or U type frames is decided by the coil quantity transferred in one time and the length of the coil.
  • 3. The speed of the flat car is adjustable, makes the cart more user-friendly and safer.
  • 4. The girder structure is used to the whole prevent the deformation of the cart. Application: Usually applied on the transportation of heavy cement pipe, concrete pipe, slag pot, steel coil, aluminum coil, forging parts, sheet metal, low carbon steel/pipe, and round steel pipe, etc.

transfer carts on rail,steerable transfer trolley,industrial transfer carts manufacturer

The workshop production transportation solution: The Vacuum Furnace three-layers railway flat car

The Vacuum Furnace three-layers railway flat car is specially designed for the vacuum equipment production, it can realize different operation functions in different layer. Usually the load capacity for this flat car will not be too big, and the main function of this flat car is to pulling out cargoes or bringing cargoes in the vacuum furnace. This car is formed by three parts, the first layer is running on the ground, and usually does not need to run a far distance.

It's main task is to bring the second and third layer car beside the furnace. The first layer flat car can be powered by different kinds of methods according to the conditions and environment as customer demands. When the car get to the furnace, the second layer will approach inside the furnace and butt with the railway inside the furnace. Usually the second layer flat car is powered by Roller screw to move in, and the distance is usually within 1.5 meter. When the second layer finishes butting inside the furnace body. the first and second layer will be powered off to prevent the third layer moving during working. The third layer flat car is usually powered by the cable drum, when it gets into the furnace it will pull the inside cargo out by linking with the hook, after pulling the cargoes out on the second layer, the whole flat car finishes an entire task.


transfer carts on rail,steerable transfer trolley,industrial transfer carts manufacturer


The Solution to change rails when two rail tracks crosses 90 degrees: The electric turntable rail car
Electric turntable rail cart. The turntable rail cart is a kind of cart which combine a rotating platform with a rail flat car. Together, they can realize the 90 degree turning in workshop. This series of rotating platform has advantages of running stability; Accurately docking between rails; Automatic control. The load capacity of this cart can be over 300T, what’s more important, the diameter of device, rotation speed, rotation angle, even the electric controlling parts can be customized according to the specific requirement.
transfer carts on rail,steerable transfer trolley,industrial transfer carts manufacturer


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