Automated RGV transfer vehicle customized for Russia General Manufacturing Company



A general manufacturing company in Russia purchased an automated RGV transfer vehicle from our company on October 29, 2020. The automated RGV rail car weighs 1t and uses rail cars and equipment for precise docking. The car has a special situation and high accuracy and shape requirements. The wheels are customized wheels, and the rail car can automatically adjust the accuracy during the traveling process. The sharp corners around the car body are rounded R8-R10 to avoid bumps and injury to the staff.

The advantage of an Automated RGV transfer vehicle is that it does not have high requirements for track laying and can operate normally in accordance with ordinary track-laying methods. The same applies. Electric flatbed vehicles are not limited by the driving interval, and can also meet the needs of turning and long-distance operation in transportation links; electric flatbed vehicles can also be equipped with wireless remote controls.

Automated RGV transfer vehicles are relatively safe and easy to operate, and only need to consider two directions, forward and backward. Don’t worry about the flatbed truck going off track. When turning, the team uses the guidance of the track to make the turn, so there is no need to worry about hitting an object when turning. The vehicle runs smoothly and is easy to operate. The whole process only needs to use the forward and back buttons to complete the material transfer.

The track of the turning car is processed into a straight track and then turned into a curved track through which the vehicle is guided. The transfer mechanism is very complicated. The steering function of the rail-type transfer vehicle is realized by the cooperation of the steering mechanism and the curved track. This type of vehicle has a higher safety factor and a lower failure rate.


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