Rail Ladle Transfer Cart Export America


                                                                                            Rail Ladle Transfer Cart Export America

A company in the United States is mainly responsible for the casting metallurgy industry, ordering the electric transfer flat car is mainly used in the transportation of ladle, the load capacity of the transfer car is 5 tons, because the need to know the weight of each ladle, so the countertop of the transfer car is installed with a weighing platform, the temperature of the ladle surface of the molten steel is 120 degrees, and the countertop is installed with refractory materials. 

    The control method of the transfer car adopts wireless remote control and wired handle, the positioning method adopts RFID positioning, a total of 6 docking points, positioning accuracy is ±5mm, communication adopts wireless communication to achieve remote control, which meets the automation requirements of customers transporting ladle.
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