Analysis Of Common Problems Of Trackless Flat Car


                                                            Analysis Of Common Problems Of Trackless Flat Car

1. Battery problems

If the use time is too long, the battery capacity will be reduced, and the ability to charge and discharge will be weakened, resulting in a slower exercise speed of the flat car

If the battery charger fails or the battery itself is caused by the problem, the user should check whether the charger is working normally, if the charger is normal, the battery needs to be replaced

2. Motor problems

Motor internal coil short circuit, bearing wear, gear slip, etc., may lead to the motor can not work normally.

Motor overheating, if excessive load, poor heat dissipation will also lead to normal work

3. The controller is faulty

If overload, overheating, short circuit and other reasons will damage the controller, resulting in normal work

4. Brake problems

If the brake pads are seriously worn, the brake lines are loose or broken, it will cause brake failure

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