RGV Successfully Delivered in the United States


An American laser engineering company customized an RGV with a load capacity of ten tons in our company.

The following are the technical parameters of the transfer vehicle.

1)Load: 10T

Lifting height: set height 100mm

Body surface size: L4.5m*W1.8m (10T)

Vehicle height: 500mm (excluding lifting part);

Body color: Warning yellow and black + warning sign;

Frame mechanism: welded steel plate structure

2) Power supply

Power supply: maintenance-free battery;

Battery capacity: 260AH/48V

Full charge limit: 4 hours

Full charge usage time: continuous working for 8 hours

3) Operation

Positioning method: encoder precise positioning +RFID positioning; 160m running length

Communication: Industrial wireless Ethernet communication;

Lifting mode: motor synchronous drive lifting;

Safety protection: Lidar obstacle identification

Positioning accuracy: ±10mm;

Running speed: 5-25m/min DC motor can be regulated

Control mode: four lines integrated central control console operation and real-time monitoring + manual remote control.

For more details of transfer cart, please send inquiry to us.


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