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Steerable Cable Rail Transfer Car with Caster Wheel:

This series transfer cart is powered by a battery, traveling cable, rail, generator or another way.. This series transfer cart is able to run between two perpendicular tracks and the car is also could run on an L-form track or S-form track or curved track.

The cable supply electricity to the electrical control system of the transfer trolley. Then the operator operates the trolley, such as start, stop, forward and reserve.

Features of Steerable Cable Rail Transfer Car:

Cable powered, which supplies electricity to the car

Traveling on track/rails

Flat decking

Steel wheel and box beam structure

Heavy loading capacity 1-300 ton

AC motor drive

Detailed Image Of Transfer Cart


Load capacity, table size and rail gauge can customized.


a.Cable reel (spring type, magnetic coupling type, motor-driven type)

b.Automatic stop when detecting obstacle or person, limit switches to limit travel

C.Operation way: hand held control pendant, remote radio control or operation platform with car

d.Electrical parts: imported or made in China e.Power supply position: middle or two ends f.Variable speed device g.Can be designed to meet special working environment such as high temperature

Steerable Cable Rail Transfer CarSteerable Cable Rail Transfer Car 3

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