Battery Trackless Transfer Cart Export India


                                                                                                                    Battery Trackless Transfer Cart Export India

 Load: 10T 

Table size (mm): 4500x2400x650

Power supply: Battery

Body structure: welded steel plate structure

Main technical requirements Load: 10T

Project description

The transfer cart is a concave tabletop, the car is the customer’s equipment because the customer side has requirements on the car height, the minimum height of the car is 200mm, and feedback from the customer is very good.

Henan PERFECT Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. for our equipment manufacturing green energy saving, no board truck equipment, after use proved that the product performance is stable, scientific structure, good running condition, energy saving effect is significant, than the traditional handling equipment environmental protection and pollution-free. Meet the requirements of our company, and truly realize the integration of green energy saving.

Brand advantage

01: High-tech enterprises more formal!

02: After-sales service is more perfect, build the brand first do reputation! Longer after-sales service!

03: R&D investment in high-tech enterprises have requirements, technical strength is stronger!

04: More customer cases, more comprehensive technical precipitation!

05: The company is large, production management is more perfect, product quality is more guaranteed!
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