What Are The Characteristics Of Electric Transfer Cart



Flat transfer cart, also known as electric flat car, rail flat car, rail car, which is characterized by the low height of the track table, only tens of centimeters, so high safety, load up to 2-1000 tons, table size can be customized according to the size of the workpiece and other transportation materials, so it is welcomed by customers. Rail flatbed cars are widely used in mechanical manufacturing and metallurgical plants for the transition of heavy loads in the workshop with cranes. 

    The track transfer car is low in height, the table is strengthened, and it is easy to transform and maintain. The advantages of electric transfer carts are: strong load capacity, any project regardless of weight, as long as it is in the rated load of the equipment, it can be easily completed transportation, without the help of any external force to transport goods and packages to the designated location. Advanced technology manufacturing, so very safe, can be easily installed in different industries in the factory, by the majority of users praise. If you have any questions of transfer cart, please send inquiry to us.

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