Cable Powered Electric Transfer Cart Export Russia


 Cable powered electric transfer car, is a kind of controllable handling equipment, with security system and a variety of load transfer functions it to lead acid battery or lithium battery as energy, DC motor speed drive technology, multi-wheel hydraulic steering technology and wire control, remote control dual operation mode. Drive the platform car is more flexible, start, stop, forward, backward, turning and other driving functions, without laying a predetermined track route.

    It can walk freely from indoor to outdoor, rotate and turn 360 degrees, turn with small turning radius, turn while walking, and drive to any area by wireless remote control. Parfit cable-powered trackless flat car, breaking the conventional power supply design, with a high degree of intelligence, heavy load, unique appearance, dry and stable operation, high efficiency, long driving distance, simple operation, easy maintenance and other vantages


Perfect  company can customized different type transfer trolley on demand, any interests, welcome to contact with us for more details.

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