As an environmentally friendly and convenient transportation tool, electric transfer carts are interested and used by more and more industries. Generally speaking, the lifetime of an electric transfer cart is relatively long, but if it is not used in a standardized manner. the operating environment is harsh, and maintenance is not paid attention to, the lifetime of the electric transfer cart may be shortened. So, how to extend the electric transfer cart’s lifetime? This article will introduce you the ways of extending the lifetime of electric transfer carts in detail.

1. Suitable operating environment: There are multiple series and specifications of electric transfer carts, and different types of operating environments are also different. For example, battery powered transfer carts cannot be used in high-temperature environments; if the operating environment is uneven, such as on-site sand and mounds of soil, industrial solid rubber wheels or polyurethane wheels must be selected for tires to ensure that the electric transfer cart has the ability to climb. When choosing an electric transfer cart, you must ensure that the product is suitable for the use environment to extend its service life.


2. Reasonable use time: Long-term continuous use will increase the load on the electric transfer cart and easily cause malfunctions. Therefore, it is very important to plan usage time reasonably.Besides, we must also pay attention to the storage and power supply environment of the electric transfer cart. Electric transfer carts should be stored in a dry place to avoid damage from moisture and high temperature environments.When charging. use the original charger and ensure that the charging environment is safe and reliable.


3. Regular maintenance measures: Regularly check all components, whether the cart screws and nuts are tight. whether the tires are severely worn, replace them in time if serious, check whether the mechanical system is working properly. and whether the battery capacity meets the standards. Regularly clean the electronic control board and regularly add lubricating oil to the gearbox, motor sprockets, chains, etc.

If you want your electric transfer cart to be used for a long time and be more efficient, you cannot do without good products, standardized use and routine maintenance. These methods can help us extend the lifetime of the electric transfer cart and let it stay with us longer.

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