As a common material handling equipment, electric flatbed trucks are widely used in various industries such as warehousing. logistics, and manufacturing.In the power supply configuration of electric flat cars.batteries and lithium batteries are two common choices.They all have some differences in performance, cost, maintenance, etc.Next, let’s take a closer look.


First, let’s take a look at the battery.The battery is a traditional battery technology that uses lead-acid as the positive and negative electrode material.Its main advantage is that the cost is low and relatively cheap.In addition, the battery has a long service life and high charging efficiency, which is suitable for scenarios that often require long-term use.However. the large weight of the battery will increase the overall weight and energy consumption of the electric flat car. At the same time, gas will be generated during charging and discharging. and ventilation issues need to be paid attention to.


In contrast, lithium batteries are a relatively new battery technology, using lithium salt as the positive and negative electrode material.Lithium batteries have a higher energy density and a smaller size, so when the capacity is the same. the weight of lithium batteries is lighter. which can reduce the overall weight of electric flat cars and improve the efficiency of use.In addition. lithium batteries have higher discharge efficiency and lower self-discharge rate.which can provide longer service time.However, the cost of lithium batteries is higher, and the temperature needs to be strictly controlled during charging and discharging to avoid overheating and safety accidents.

In addition to the above differences, there are also some differences in maintenance between batteries and lithium batteries.The battery needs to be filled with distilled water regularly to maintain the liquid level. and the electrode plate needs to be checked and cleaned regularly.The lithium battery does not require regular maintenance, just check the battery’s power and temperature regularly.

In summary. the choice of batteries and lithium batteries in electric flat cars should be decided according to actual needs and budget.lf the cost requirements are low, long-term use and in an environment with good ventilation conditions, the battery is a good choice.And if you want to reduce the weight of electric flat cars, improve the efficiency of use, and be able to bear higher costs and stricter safety requirements, then lithium batteries will be a better choice.

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