Perect’s Solutions for Shipyards and Shipbuilding Industry


The handling of extremely large sections and panels of ships and boats under construction is a challenge that requires great knowledge and experience in this field. The equipment, such as transporters or heavy-duty carts, must be 100% reliable and ensure a safe handling of extremely heavy loads during daily operations.

Shipyards, where luxury yachts are built and kept, must handle these vessels with great care so that their immaculate appearance is not damaged by scratches and knocks. For marine engineers, the extensive knowledge of shipbuilding industry is an important factor in the selection process of partners and Morello has the right experience in the production of material handling carts that this sector requires.

Moreover, in shipbuilding sector it could be necessary to face the challenge of moving high-value and delicate equipment on the deck or inside the hold of a ship in the middle of the sea. This requires cutting-edge technologies and a great knowledge of the environment, things that Morello is able to provide as evidenced by its projects for offshore platforms or the well-documented OceanXplorer project.

Contact our experts and learn more about the technical characteristics of our heavy-duty carts for shipyards and shipbuilding industry.

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