Perfect’s Solutions for Automotive Sector


The high-quality standards required within the automotive industry put significant pressure on the manufacturers of car components to maintain a high production efficiency and a factory logistics that has to reach “Word Class” levels.

In order to produce automotive components such as bumpers, fenders, side members and rear spoilers for companies such as BMW, VW, Volvo, FCA, Toyota, GM, just to give a few examples, it is necessary not only to provide parts without defects but also to demonstrate extreme precision and reliability during delivery, continuous innovation and lean manufacturing capabilities. These automotive components are manufactured by injection moulding using large moulds which can weigh up to 100 tonnes. For the handling of automotive moulds and dies, Morello designs and produces special heavy-duty carts and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), also known as die carts, that are used in the automotive industry with the purpose of ensuring greater efficiency and safety.

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