Heavy Duty Transfer CartHeavy Duty Transfer CartHeavy Duty Transfer Cart
Heavy Duty Transfer CartHeavy Duty Transfer CartHeavy Duty Transfer Cart

Heavy Duty Transfer Cart

Load Capacity: 1-1500 tons

Speed: 20 m/min or ad your needs

Certificate: SGS, ISO9001, SASO

Motors: PMAC / AC high efficiency motors

Wheels: Cast Steel Polyurethane Rubber Wheel

Movements: 360° rotation (Carouse) and crab movement (horizontal and diagonal movememnt )


The heavy duty transfer car is applied for heavy equipment handing .Due to heavy load capacity ,car table deformation ,large current ,high car height all need to be considered as important issue when designing system is adopted to efficiently lower the load of single cable.Considering unit area loading for rail thread ,we adopt more wheels to share the pressure on ground when loading .


Load capacity 100-300T
Power supply model Trailing cable /Low voltage rail /storage battery /Cable drum
Running speed 0-20 m/min
Control way Pedant/Remote controller
Model BTL-2t BTL-20t BTL-50t BTL-100t BTL-150t
Rated Load(t) 2 20 50 100 150
Table Size (mm) Length(L) 2000 4000 5500 6500 10000
Width(W) 1500 2200 2500 2800 3000
Height(H) 450 550 650 850 1200
Wheel Base(mm) 1200 2800 4200 4900 7000
Rail Inner Gauge(mm) 1200 1435 1435 2000 2000
Wheel Diameter(mm) 270 350 500 600 600
Wheel Quantity 4 4 4 4 8
Ground Clearance(mm) 50 50 50 75 75
Running Speed(min) 0-25 0-20 0-20 0-20 0-18
Motor Power(kw) 0.8 2.5 5.5 11 15
Recommended Rail Model P15 P24 P43 QU100 QU100


  • 360 degree motorized rotation without causing any damage to the floor.

  • Powered by storage battery, turning freely without any cable strings.

  • Controlled easily by pressing the buttons and speed controller.

  • High level automation(self propelled/steerable)

  • The largest capacity can reach to 100t

  • Safe parts are installed in the transfer cart(warning light, e-stop, buffer...)

  • Robust sturdy car frame


  • 1 Load up to 300t and high using frequency.
  • 2 It is suitable for the running distance less than 20m.
  • 3 With simple structure and low cost make it popular for workshop transportation.
  • 4 Without using time limitation and has no strict demand for rail erection.
  • 5 This Heavy Duty Wagon Cart can be applied in the environment such as severe environment, high temperature, anti-explosive etc.


The cable drum powered Heavy Duty Wagon Cart is mainly applied in assembly line (ring production line,  loop production line), metallurgy industry (steel ladle), warehouse transport, ship industry (maintenance, assemble, container transport), workpiece transport in workshop, lathe transport, steel factory (steel billet, steel plate, steel coil, steel pipe, section steel, steel structure), construction (bridge, simple building, concrete, concrete column), petroleum industry (oil pump, sucker rod and parts), energy (polycrystalline silicon, generator, windmill), chemical industry(electrolytic cell, retort etc), railway (rail maintenance, rail welding, train tractor).

Advantages of Transfer Flat Cart

Low noise  It causes low noise level.

Maximum safety  Offers guarantee of maximum safety for operators and for the material handled. We really care about the safety of everyone involved in the job.

Easy for operation These vehicles are easy to drive, so as soon as you get it you will be able to use it to transport your loads. 

Cost-Effective  They are a cost effective alternative to purchasing another powered transfer cart. For on-rail

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