Turntable Transfer CartTurntable Transfer CartTurntable Transfer Cart
Turntable Transfer CartTurntable Transfer CartTurntable Transfer Cart

Turntable Transfer Cart

Load Capacity: 1-1500 tons

Speed: 20 m/min or ad your needs

Certificate: SGS, ISO9001, SASO

Motors: PMAC / AC high efficiency motors

Wheels: Cast Steel Polyurethane Rubber Wheel

Movements: 360° rotation (Carouse) and crab movement (horizontal and diagonal movememnt )


The turntable rail transfer car is a kind of handing system ,which can make the rail car turn 90 degree on rails .Principle :transfer car runs on the turntable ,which will automatically rotate or manually rotate to realize the joint with vertical rails .After turntable rotating,the transfer car can run along the vertical rails .The handing solution can be applied in the occasion such as ring rails ,crossing rails,etc.The turntable system runs steadily and has the features such as high rail jointing accuracy and can meet full automatic electrical control.

Turntable Rail Transfer Cart is designed to transport vehicles across the track and can be rotated 90 degrees in factories to achieve rapid adjustment of railway vehicles and vehicle scheduling.

The working principle is that: the guide rail is also mounted on the turntable, When the rail transport vehicle is running on the turntable, the turntable can be rotated automatically or manually until it is accurately attached to the target rail and then the transport vehicle is running on the vertical rail.




Power supply model

Trailing cable /Low voltage rail /storage battery /Cable drum

Running speed


Control way

Pendant /Remote controller


  • 360 degree motorized rotation without causing any damage to the floor.

  • Powered by storage battery, turning freely without any cable strings.

  • Controlled easily by pressing the buttons and speed controller.

  • High level automation(self propelled/steerable)

  • The largest capacity can reach to 100t

  • Safe parts are installed in the transfer cart(warning light, e-stop, buffer...)

  • Robust sturdy car frame


  • 1 The load bearing safety factor of the Handling Vehicle is no less than 120%;
  • 2 Freely design the auxiliary device or foundation drawing, and offer the technical service and drawing material;
  • 3 16 hours engineering service and 24 hours internet service for our customers;
  • 4 During the warranty period, if our Coil transfer cart can't work normally, we can support you repair technology or replace relevant parts for you within 48 hours;
  • 5 Solving the quality problem within 24 hours, serious attitude from beginning to end. Value the reputation and Preserve the image of our company;


Turntable Rail Transfer Cart  is suitable for a variety of applications, such as round rails, vertical rails, cross rails, and more.

Turntable Rail Transfer Cart runs smoothly and has high rail connection accuracy, the PLC can be installed to meet fully automated electrical operation.

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