Manual Transfer CartManual Transfer CartManual Transfer Cart
Manual Transfer CartManual Transfer CartManual Transfer Cart

Manual Transfer Cart

Load Capacity: 1-1500 tons

Speed: 20 m/min or ad your needs

Certificate: SGS, ISO9001, SASO

Motors: PMAC / AC high efficiency motors

Wheels: Cast Steel Polyurethane Rubber Wheel

Application :Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops


The towed transfer flat cart is sometimes called the manual transfer car or motorless transfer trolley. As a non-power transfer cart running on the rail, it can be manually powered or towed by other cars. In addition, the roller carrier, fence and other appliances are optional as required. If you need a transfer flat cart made with special dimensions, or for a particular application, we can satisfy your needs.

The manual transfer cart is driven by manual or other power machine .Boosting driven device and traction device is optional for convenience .According to the condition ,you can choose track or trackless transfer cart to work in with the tractor .


Model BP-2T BP-10T BP-20T BP-30T BP-50T BP-63T BP-150T
Rated load (T) 2 10 20 30 50 63 150
length(l) 2000 3600 4000 4500 5500 5600 10000
Width(W) 1500 2000 2200 2200 2500 2500 3000
Height(H) 450 500 550 600 650 700 1200
Wheel Base (mm) 1200 2600 2800 3200 4200 4300 7000
Wheel Diameter(mm) Φ270 Φ300 Φ350 Φ400 Φ500 Φ600 Φ600
Ground Clearance (mm) 50 50 50 50 50 75 75
Max Wheel Load (KN) 14.4 42.6 77.7 110.4 174 221.4 265.2


  • 360 degree motorized rotation without causing any damage to the floor.

  • Powered by storage battery, turning freely without any cable strings.

  • Controlled easily by pressing the buttons and speed controller.

  • High level automation(self propelled/steerable)

  • The largest capacity can reach to 100t

  • Safe parts are installed in the transfer cart(warning light, e-stop, buffer...)

  • Robust sturdy car frame


  • 1 Load capacity ,table size and rail gauge can be customized
  • 2 Options : Remote radio control (imported or made in China )
  • 3 Automatic stop when detecting obstacle or person ,limit switches (to limit travel)
  • 4 Battery type ( Free of maintenance battery ,lithium battery ,explosion -proof battery ,and Anti -high temperature battery )
  • 5 motor (DC motor with brush and DC motor brushless )
  • 6 Electrical parts (imported or made in china )


For horizontal load transfers of a wide range of material, we have the heavy duty, high quality transfer flat cart solution you need. Transfer carts are used: to carry loads along assembly lines; transfer material from one work station to the next; store and transport an entire shift worth of production. They can even be used as a stable yet moveable machine base.

With four different styles and standard capacities up to 100 tons, we have the solution you need and each style can be designed for your specific application.

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