Heavy Load Battery Powered Transfer CarHeavy Load Battery Powered Transfer CarHeavy Load Battery Powered Transfer Car
Heavy Load Battery Powered Transfer CarHeavy Load Battery Powered Transfer CarHeavy Load Battery Powered Transfer Car

Heavy Load Battery Powered Transfer Car

The cable drum powered transfer car consists of cable drum, transmission system, steel structure main frame, steering system, traveling mechanism, control system and fault diagnosis system. 

Load Capacity: 1-1500 tons

Speed: 20 m/min or ad your needs

Certificate: SGS, ISO9001, SASO

Motors: PMAC / AC high efficiency motors

Wheels: Cast Steel Polyurethane Rubber Wheel

Movements: The heavy-duty battery-powered transfer vehicle is composed of batteries and is the power source for a series of flatbed vehicles. It powers the flatbed truck.


The heavy load battery-powered transfer car is made up of the battery as the power source of the series of flat cars. It supplies power to the transfer car. The DC current flows into the electric box, and the electric box is supplied to the operating system and the motor. The control unit or the remote control controls the motor. Reverse, stop, etc., and then control the forward, backward, start, and stop of the transfer car.

battery transfer cart


  1. The Heavy load battery-powered transfer vehicle has safety and maneuverability, the operation is not limited by distance, the speed is adjustable, and the flat-car DC motor has the advantages of stable starting, large starting torque, small impact on the reducer, low voltage, and long service life. The requirements for track laying are not high, and it is suitable for occasions with low frequency and long-distance transportation.
  2. The heavy load battery-powered transfer vehicle adopts a DC motor, which is suitable for frequent use and has higher safety and maneuverability. It can meet the transportation environment with a high frequency of use and can be equipped with a hard-tooth surface reducer, which makes the maintenance of a transfer car later simple.
  3. The heavy load battery-powered transfer vehicle is relatively simple, easy to repair, easy to disassemble, strong carrying capacity, long service life, low requirements for track laying, low cost, suitable for harsh environments, high-temperature environments, and other occasions.
  4. Battery operated motorized material transfer carts on rail is suitable for various use environments, and can work in indoor, outdoor, inflammable and explosive environments, and can also add hydraulic devices, buffer devices, etc. on the transfer car. The operation is simple. When the transportation distance is long, the onboard operation console can be added to the flat car to meet the long-distance transportation of the customer and realize the humanized design.
  5. The heavy load battery-powered transfer vehicle can add a PLC control system, automatic rail car, greatly increase work efficiency.transfer cart advantage


Product Parameter:

1 Load capacity(t) 1-300 ton
2 Maximum impact load(t)
3 Size specifications(mm) (Customized)
4 Table height(mm) Customized
5 Two-wheel track(mm)  –
6 Power supply mode Lithium battery or battery
7 Operating mode Car handle or remote control
8 Drive mode Motor-driven
9 Brake method Mechanical + automatic brake
10 Running speed(km/h) 0-30(Adjustable speed)
11 Running noise ≤70db
12 Wheel diameter(mm)  –
13 Continuous running time 4-6h
14 Stationary state Will lock, unlock


Mold workshop, underground mine, engineering, aerospace, coal, nuclear energy, water conservancy, etc.

transfer cart application


  • The series car has safety and mobility

  • Low noise.

  • Economize labor force, economize cost.

  • Simple structure, Environment-friendly.

  • Suitable for occasions where high using frequency.

  • Convenient operation, Easy maintenance.

  • The low requirement to the track, Any dead weight.


  • 1 High frequency of use, unlimited running time.
  • 2 Easy operation and low cost.
  • 3 The operating distance is less than 200 meters.
  • 4 Suitable for all kinds of environments.It can be used indoors or outdoors in high temperature explosion-proof and other environments.
  • 5 Customized for you.Custom table size, operating speed,load,etc.Meet your requirements.
    Key attributes Customization Rating &Reviews Know your supplier Product description from supplier


Heavy Load Battery Powered Transfer Car mainly use in heavy industry, light industry, machinery, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, chemical, ship, etc. It is used to handling steel coil, aluminum coil, galvanized coil, transformer, cable reel, casting, motor, container, compartment, container, pressure vessel, etc.

For horizontal load transfers of a wide range of material, we have the heavy duty, high quality Transfer Cart solution you need. Transfer carts are used: to carry loads along assembly lines; transfer material from one work station to the next; store and transport an entire shift worth of production. They can even be used as a stable yet moveable machine base. With four different styles and standard capacities up to 60 tons, we have the solution you need and each style can be designed for your specific application

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